TravCo – Bringing Nature As An Art Into The Lives of People

June 1999 saw the establishment of TravCo for the explicit purpose of exploiting the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan’s rich travertine  deposit located at Ghor Damia (Wadi Fanoush) in the Holy Jordan River Basin.

Since its establishment, TravCo has mastered the skill and art of extraction of this natural resource and its transformation into an outstanding finished product. The dynamism and spirit of collaboration and cooperation of all involved at TravCo are fundamental elements of its success, reflecting the strength of the company’s commitment to the highest standards of quality and enabling it to stand for its promises of customer satisfaction. The objective is to maintain, at all times, the quality standards of the product, meeting the specifications of each individual order.

Along with an emphasis on technology and art, a large part of the success of TravCo is due to the importance that it has placed on recruiting human resources that are skilled and qualified, working as one team with a singular vision with passion and enthusiasm, striving all the while to achieve maximum levels of efficiency and perfection. The end result is a stone that could be defined as a masterpiece, reflecting a certain mood in each and every order.

Most important of all, we believe in building strong relationships with our customers that are long-lasting and based on trust and loyalty. Accordingly, a personal touch is added to each individual order; from personal contact with the customer to the emphasis placed on product finish, our sales force, production & managerial staff tracks every order from inception, through the manufacturing process, and finally to shipment.

TRAVCO – Bringing Nature As An Art Into The Lives of People