With the availability of our own quarry, we prove ourselves as a consistant supplier. 

TravCo's quarry source spans a site of 700 acres of raw travertine with a capacity to produce 16.000 cubic meters annually, processed into slabs, tiles, and decorative items. In addition, two other limestone quarries are available to the company. TravCo utilizes the latest technology, matched by the expertise of our quarrying team, to facilitate our commit-ted response to each and every order.



Uniform blocks are prepared according to specified demanded dimensions. 
Using the following Machinery and Tools:

  • Air Compressors.
  • 1000 KVA Electricity Generator
  • Water tank and an integrated water pipes distribution system for cutting machines and anti dust mechanisms.
  • Drilling Machines to drill a path for the diamond wire.
  • Diamond Wire Machines.
  • Automated and manual Drillers for block preparation.



  • Water Compressed Cushions (1m x 1m x 2mm): Sliding it into the path the diamond wire had made and pumping water into the steel cushion using an electrical pump result in a 20-50 cm distance, making the usage of the Hydraulic Jacks easier.
  • Hydraulic Jacks: Using compressed air these Jacks help flipping the main block over in order to cut it afterwards into smaller blocks according to the demanded dimensions. 
  • Plugs & Feathers: these are to be inserted into the holes which are already prepared using manual drillers in a straight line alone with the length of the block; after assembling the plugs and feathers they are hammered until the block splits into two.

Preparation of Blocks

This stage deals with the block from the minute it is cut from the quarry site as follows:

  • Cubing the block using the One Wire Gangsaw
  • Loading of the block with the assistance of the Derrick Crane onto a specialized truck to the Stocking Yard in the Processing Yard.
  • Unloading the block with the assistance of the Gantry Crane (capable of lifting 30 tons) under a specified classification.
  • Loading the block onto the Cutting Machines Trolleys using the Gantry Crane.

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