About the Factory

Our factory challenged all theories of evolution, since it started with the latest technology in order to come up with the finest finish and best product.

Travco also challenged the monopoly of humans for Team Work, since Travco’s Slab and Tile lines of production are managed all together in a team manner and spirit for an efficient and effective response for External and Internal demand.

  • Cutting The Blocks

    Where it initially begins.
  • Splitting Line

  • Tile Line

    TravCo assures standard size in addition to a standard calibrated thickness for each and every size, in order to fulfill the needs and requirement of all customers using the latest of all art technology.



Our slabs brought us pride, since it reflects the outstanding fine quality, first choice, and color consistency of TravCo international standard product.

Filling LINE

Travertine is well-known for having holes within its structure. For some customers need, filling these holes is mandatory, depending on its use. TravCo uses the finest filling material, imported from well European manufacturers, either colored, transparent and backside filling with white cement, in order to fulfill the needs and also meeting the tastes of all our customers.


Bridge Cutters & Manual Saws

With two of the latest state of the art bridge cutters and 13 manual saws there isn’t a single dimension or design we cannot meet with precision and perfection.


Processing For Decorative Stone

TravCo meets all demands of the modern age styles in decoration and beauty.


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