Quality & Environmental Policy


Environmental Policy

Travertine Company Ltd. (TRAVCO) -which is specialized in the production of different sizes of tiles and slabs of Travertine, Karaki, Hallabat and Ajlouni stones- considers the protection of environment among the top of its priorities, and from that standpoint it opted to integrate it throughout all the various aspects of its operations.

TRAVCO is regulated by Jordanian environmental legislation and regulations and will comply with all commitments related to these regulations.

In addition to these statutory requirements, the company is implementing the International Standard for Environmental Management System (ISO 14001), which is applicable to all of the company’s activities, products, services and personnel, who are also responsible for its implementation and continuous maintenance.

Having thoroughly reviewed the environmental effects of its operations, and considered the nature of its business, financial requirements and technically available options, combined with views of interested parties, TRAVCO established the following environmental objectives, which will be periodically reviewed through the management review meetings.

  • Instilling a sense of environmental awareness into all employees, while offering them the appropriate environmental management training to further assist them in improving their skills and practices to ultimately contribute to the minimization of the local and global impact on the environment.
  • Managing and controlling its generated dusts and specially within the quarry.
  • Managing and controlling noise levels arising from the different equipment within the quarry and manufacturing plant.
  • Rehabilitation measures will be taken, from time to time, before the relinquishment of areas within the Mining Right area, as may be necessary.

The above objectives will be regularly audited in order to monitor TRAVCO achievements with its commitments towards pollution prevention and continued improvement of its performance.



It is the objective of Travertine Company Ltd. (TRAVCO) to supply its clients with the highest quality of tiles, slabs, blocks, and any other products manufactured from the very unique Travertine sedimentary stone which is quarried within the same company, besides other types of outsourced types of stone from internal and external markets.

To achieve its objective, it is the policy of TRAVCO to:

  1. Hire qualified, energetic, young, and professional personnel capable of ensuring proper execution of its quality objectives,
  2. Obtain and use resources only of the highest quality,
  3. Guarantee proper communication channels between all company departments to assure proper execution of quality objectives,
  4. Implement operating procedures that guarantee full implementation of quality objectives,
  5. Utilizing state of the art technology for quarrying and manufacturing from well-known Italian manufacturers,
  6. Acquire outside know-how expertise when needed to assist improving its methods and work procedures.

The Company is committed to continually improve its management system through implementing and complying with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2000 quality management system, which covers all the company’s operations and applies to all company's personnel.

The company is committed to establish and continuously review the quality objectives that it strives to achieve through the periodic meetings of its quality steering committee.


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