About us

Travertine Company PLC. (TravCo) is a supplier of natural stone including limestone, marble and main Travertine product which is exploited and processed from the massive outcrops in the Jordan Valley in Jordan. The company has an invested capital of US$6.5 million. As a Jordanian public shareholding company that intends to always maintain its first-class, consistent, and reliable status, TravCo delivers Travertine from the company's own quarry source with consistent high quality. 

Philosophy and vision

Travco is committed to maintain high standards of quality and customer satisfaction since its primary intention is to present the company as a first class, serious, credible, and most important of all, consistent and continuous supplier.

Business approach

TravCo has over the past years made remarkable progress and development in investment in modern technology, constant upgrading of human skills, and the use of the most efficient machinery hoping to create a new culture in the stone business, one that is based on quality assurance in production and management.

TravCo offer a distinctive and comprehensive line of standard and cut to size items in colors and textures to suit every designers taste and style. Technical properties such as high specific gravity, low water absorption, and high density make TravCo products the premier choice for builders flooring, cladding, and custom fabrication needs.

The luster, serenity, passion and witty moods reflected by TravCo, place it as the finest choice for public architecture, and private residences.

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